Fostabericht P 967 - Bewehrungselemente für Brücken in VerbundbauweiseFostabericht P 967 - Bewehrungselemente für Brücken in Verbundbauweise

P 967 – Reinforcement Elements for Composite Bridges




P 967 – Reinforcement Elements for Composite Bridges

Bridges are an integral and important part of the European transportation system and fulfil high demands of national and international mobility. The technology of External Reinforcement Elements can favourably be used to build powerful composite constructions for bridges and keeping traffic impairments caused by construction works to a minimum by using prefabricated elements. External Reinforcement Elements are cut out of rolled steel sections and connected to the concrete by shear-resistant composite dowels. The scope of the previously developed design concepts is limited to single-span beams and is very necessarily to be extended to a further range by new structural applications.
The main objective of this research project is the development of appropriate design approaches for the lateral stresses of composite dowels that occur for transversal bearing systems, the investigation of the behaviour of composite dowels subjected to multi-axial stresses and the investigation of the necessary anchorage length of steel lamella in frame structure systems. Constructive solutions for the construction and anchoring of components are established and provided to the user in the form of standard details.
Several groups of practical experiments are conducted to validate the developed design concepts. Both static and dynamic tests are carried out, including the model of singlespan beams, continuous beams, frame structures and two-axial tensile stressed plates.
In addition to the constructive feasibility, the economic benefits, the manufacturing costs and the sustainability of this construction method are investigated. With the constantly growing requirements for short construction time and low-maintenance constructions, this semi-prefabricated construction method is very attractive for integral frame systems. Compared with VFT-structures, the application of External Reinforcement Elements provide higher load bearing capacities, greater slenderness and an elegant appearance.
The use of these structures is limited not only to rolled sections. In the welded structures, these specially shaped composite dowels can also replace the costly stud shear connectors. The project results make a technical contribution to respond to the high demand for small and medium span bridges with efficient solutions.

FOSTA – Research Association for Steel Application
April 2019

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